We are an experienced company with several big projects under our belt.  We have worked on hospitals, schools, warehouses, even server rooms and rooftop units.  We do it all and we can do it all for you.  Check out some of our biggest projects below.  If we can handle these jobs we can handle yours.

Chiller Retrofit Control Panel for Trane, Carrier, York, McQuay, and custom chiller control panels

Chiller Retrofit Control Panel

Installation of custom control panel for 30 year old Trane chiller.  These control panels save 20-30% over factory panels.  Microsoft Windows based software assures economical support for future upgrades.  Can… Read more »

Boiler Replacement

The J.O. Blanton House high rise apartment building needed three boilers replaced so they turned to United Mechanical Inc. to get the job done.  We removed three old boilers and… Read more »

Emergency Backup Generators

Emergency backup generators for a local hospital headquarters and data center.  To prevent the loss of data and patient services, two large diesel generators were installed in the downtown headquarters… Read more »

Cooling Tower Replacement

Replaced two undersized 25 year-old cooling towers and support steel on a 16-story office building.  Since 50% of the building cooling capacity needed to be maintained at all times, the… Read more »

Package Unit

A 100-ton package cooling unit in a data processing center had to be replaced over one weekend while the building was unoccupied.  To further complicate matters, the building was in… Read more »

Energy Conservation

Heat recovery is one of the most effective methods of saving energy.  For the right application, considerable amounts of normally wasted heat can be reused in place of burning fossil… Read more »