Energy Conservation

Heat recovery is one of the most effective methods of saving energy.  For the right application, considerable amounts of normally wasted heat can be reused in place of burning fossil fuels.  The shell and tube heat exchanger below is used to recover 3,600,000 Btu’s of waste heat that is used for the building’s hot water reheat system.  Another piece of energy conservation equipment is the heat exchanger used for heat recovery.  In this application a plate and frame heat exchanger is used to provide 300 tons of free cooling for a local hospital.  When the outside air reaches 42 degrees Fahrenheit the building’s automation system shuts down the chiller and re-routes 42 degrees Fahrenheit cooling tower water to the heat exchanger, which then produces  45 degree Fahrenheit chilled water to the hospital cooling loop.  As you can see both of these systems take waste heat that is normally rejected into the atmosphere and reuses that heat to offset the burning of fossil fuels.  Using the same energy twice is the ultimate green application.